Byerlee Design’s Opulent Packaging for High Street Wine Co.

Byerlee Design has created a packaging design for High Street Wine Co. that echoes the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The minimalist yet impactful design incorporates a touch of luxury through generous gold foil accents and clean typography, providing a cohesive and defined look across the entire wine range. High Street Wine Co, a […]

Bourbon Cream Liqueur labels by Ginger Monkey for Doc Brown Farm & Distillers

Ginger Monkey’s packaging design for Doc Brown Farm & Distillers’ Bourbon Cream Liqueur reflects a strategic approach to maintaining brand consistency while conveying a sense of luxury. Facing the challenge of generating revenue while waiting for their hero bourbons to mature, Doc Brown opted for bourbon cream liqueurs, including flavors like Butter Pecan and Peppermint […]

Turner Duckworth’s Crumbl Redesign Is Piping Hot and Fresh Out the Oven

Few desserts are as divisive as Crumbl cookies, but make no mistake, the brand has become a social media darling and one of the fastest-growing treat shops in the US. The $5 buck cookie maverick has amassed over 7 million fans on TikTok and opened more than 800 stores, making it, according to a 2022 report, the 4th quickest growing food […]

Noughty Offers A Sophisticated Choice For Non-Alcohol Consumers

NotOnSunday’s packaging design for Noughty, Thomson & Scott’s premium non-alcoholic wine brand showcases a meticulous approach to creating a flexible brand identity. From the initial launch of the Noughty Sparkling Wine range, the design aimed to be adaptable to Thomson & Scott’s evolving product portfolio. The latest Noughty Rouge, Blanc, and Rosé wine labels feature […]

Google’s Imagen AI Technology Can Now Create Logos, Overlay Text Onto Objects

Technology giant Google has announced significant upgrades to its Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) technology, Imagen 2, available to “allow listed” Vertex AI customers. Significant upgrades to Imagen 2 include creating logos, multi-language support, and overlaying text and logos on generated images, whether it’s a business card or a beer can. Most impressively, and as most packaging designers […]

Felipe Couto Studio’s Artisanal Packaging Design for Botânica Sertaneja

Felipe Couto Studio’s packaging design for Botânica Sertaneja Labels is a visual ode to the essence of ancestral and artisanal perfumery. Crafted with attention, the labels serve as a gateway to a sensory journey. The design embodies purity, simplicity, and positivity and conveys the brand’s philosophy of addressing complexities with an uncomplicated perspective. Thus, the […]

Human’s Revolutionary Packaging for Gran Maizal Whisky

Human’s packaging design for Gran Maizal encapsulates the essence of a modern whisky with a 5,000-year heritage. A groundbreaking approach is evident in the primary label, where corn leaves are ingeniously employed. The secondary label, crafted from Fibers paper, adds an artisanal touch, enhancing the tactile connection to the product. The incorporation of terracotta vessels, […]

Turntable’s Debut Collaboration With Starward

Thirst has crafted a packaging design that pushes the boundaries of innovation in the blended whisky category. Departing from traditional constraints, Thirst leveraged Turntable’s established brand DNA with a vibrant color palette and expressive tone, allowing them to delve into a more experimental space for the collaboration with Melbourne-based distillery Starward Whisky. The creative concept […]

Studio Ethur Ethur’s Rebellious Elegance for Dens Clavus Wines

Studio Ethur Ethur’s packaging for Tooth & Nail Wine Co.’s Dens Clavus series blends traditional French label aesthetics with a rebellious twist. The labels feature ornate illustrations of Paso Robles estates but include a subversive touch as each Chateau comes defaced with graffiti spelling out “Dens Clavus,” which also happens to translate to Tooth & […]

Proof Positive: Basil Hayden’s Sophisticated New Look Boosts Sales

Just how valuable is design? For creatives, the answer to this question is self-evident—and annoyingly, surprisingly difficult to quantify. The Designalytics Effectiveness Award, included in this year’s Dieline Awards, tackles this topic by directly linking effective design to brand growth. This award is also unique as it’s entirely data-driven; retail sales performance and quantitative consumer testing […]

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