Java Developers

In light of the ongoing digital transformation, it is more important for businesses to stay technologically competitive than ever before. When it comes to world’s most preferred technologies, nothing beats Java in terms of popularity. To put this into perspective, let us tell you that Java language is used by more than 9 million developers across the globe and presently, it happens to be one of the most widely used programming languages across companies, organizations, and institutions.

Since the time of its initial release in 1996, Java has constantly been evolving, leading to its increased adoption by businesses worldwide. Thankfully, the burgeoning software industry is a treasure trove of skilled and expert Java programmers, which means you would never be short of options when you need to hire Java developers. However, getting a perfect developer for your specific requirements can still be tricky!

If you are recently planning to hire a developer or outsource java development work, here are 5 things to consider that can help you find the right match:

  • Know What Skills You Really Need:Dedicated Java developers play a pivotal role in the entire software development cycle. So, before you start the process to hire dedicated Java programmers, make sure to figure out what Java skills you need to meet your company’s specific requirements.
  • Find A Perfect Cultural Fit: No matter how great the Java skills of a developer is, if he/she doesn’t have the mindset to adjust to your company’s culture and ethos, it may lead to unforeseen problems in future. This is particularly important when you are considering the contract market and looking to outsource Java developers from India or other such countries that lead the global software development arena.
  • Test Their Java Problem-Solving Skills: Every developer is expected to have the skill and expertise to develop, deploy and manage code effectively. This also involves efficiently resolving any issue that may arise during the testing phase and beyond. Experts suggest that when you are in the process to hire Java developers, make sure to assess if they have working knowledge of enterprise applications, multi-threading techniques, design patterns along with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Check Their Flexibility:When hiring dedicated Java programmers, especially for a long-term project, it is good to look at the bigger picture, instead of what you require just now. You may need a Java developer with a flexible approach to development and not someone, who lack the zeal to learn and upgrade. Thus, when hiring Java developers keep in mind the future of your project to reap more benefits in the long run.
  • Assess Their Understanding of Java Frameworks: To keep their applications running and updated all the time, businesses adopt new frameworks and technologies as they grow. Therefore, it is imperative to hire Java programmers who clearly understand your technology. The developer you are considering for your next project must know the latest LTS version of Java and at the same time, must be familiar with the rapid release and previous versions too. Hence, it is suggested to hire Java developers with additional working knowledge of Java libraries and even lesser-known Java frameworks.

Whether you want to hire Java developers or looking to outsource java development work to a reputed software development agency, the points discussed above will surely help you find a suitable match, who have the right skill set and can seamlessly blend with your company’s culture.