Montague Brand Agency Redefines the Aesthetic of Natural Skincare for a Gender Neutral Audience

Montague Brand Agency’s packaging design for The Hunter Lab caters to luxury fashion retailers, boutique luxury hotels, and hospitality hotspots. At the same time, the contemporary visual identity surpasses its competitors with its gradient glass bottle and luxurious typography, maintaining a modern yet timeless appeal. The meticulous attention to detail and consistency enhance the packaging design. Further, the design’s simplicity, combined with its gender-neutral aesthetic, reinforces The Hunter Lab’s position as a leader in the natural skincare category.

Editorial photograph

The Hunter Lab Brand Identity is reflection of the founder’s mission to redefine the aesthetic of natural skincare for a universal audience. The strong and memorable visual identity paired with a transparency and directness in communication resonated with the contemporary consumer; allowing Hunter Lab to successfully create a niche in a seemingly saturated skincare market. The products naturally translated to luxury fashion retailers, boutique luxury hotels and hospitality hotspots; with the pleasure of use amplified by addictive aromas accentuated by soft touch materials.

The custom tooled hand and body wash established a signature detail. The contemporary visual identity has transcended market trends while maintaining a modern appeal. The meticulous attention to detail and consitency has allowed the introduction of new product lines, materials, substrates and palettes that are instantly recognisable. The brands contemporary yet timeless appeal alongside a continually innovative approach to natural skincare, has maintained its place as a leader in category since its inception in 2015.

Editorial photograph
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