Saint-Urbain Transforms Speedy Romeo Into a Visual Feast

Saint Urbain’s packaging system for Speedy Romeo blends elements of auto and horse racing with a touch of 70s rock and roll influence. The design team, led by Creative Director Alex Ostroff, meticulously curated a visual narrative that captures the warm and eclectic atmosphere of Speedy Romeo. Delving into various sources, from old magazines to gas tanks and horse racing memorabilia, they created a comprehensive and visually stunning experience that takes patrons on a family-friendly nostalgia trip. The packaging design seamlessly extends across menus and merchandise, reflecting a cohesive brand identity that honors Speedy Romeo’s past and positions it as a dynamic destination for the future.


Saint-Urbain, an award-winning creative agency, whose previous work includes Sweet Chick and YouTube Shorts, is thrilled to announce the completion of a comprehensive design overhaul for the iconic Brooklyn-based restaurant, Speedy Romeo.

Speedy Romeo, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, has been a beloved fixture since 2012, celebrated for its neo-Neapolitan-style pizza and extensive natural wine selection. The brainchild of college roommates Justin Bazdarich and Todd Feldman, Speedy Romeo is a unique blend of a tavern and a roadside grill, featuring a captivating mix of kitschy de?cor and modern aesthetics.


Recognizing the need to revitalize their brand identity, menus, merchandise, and collateral, the visionary owners of Speedy Romeo approached Saint-Urbain to undertake this exciting project. With expansion plans on the horizon, the goal was to create a refreshed and cohesive visual identity that would maintain the restaurant’s local charm while attracting new patrons.

The foundation of the redesign process was laid with the name itself—Speedy Romeo, an homage to Todd Feldman’s family-owned horse in the 1970s. The challenge was to infuse elements of both auto racing and horse racing, coupled with a dash of 70s rock and roll influence, creating a brand identity that pays homage to the rich history and personality behind the name.


“We wanted to capture the warm, eclectic atmosphere of Speedy Romeo and bring it to life visually,” said Alex Ostroff, Creative Director at Saint-Urbain. “Drawing inspiration from the world of auto and horse racing, as well as the vibrant energy of 70s rock and roll, we aimed to create a brand identity that resonates with both the restaurant’s history and its dynamic present.” 

The design team at Saint-Urbain delved into a treasure trove of sources, scouring old magazines, exploring gas tanks, and immersing themselves in horse racing memorabilia. The result is a comprehensive design that takes patrons on a family-friendly nostalgia trip, seamlessly blending the worlds of auto racing and horse racing.


The revitalized brand identity extends across every touchpoint, from menus to merchandise, creating a cohesive and visually stunning experience for Speedy Romeo’s patrons. As the restaurant looks toward future expansion, the new design positions Speedy Romeo as a destination that not only honors its past but also embraces its evolution.

Saint-Urbain is proud to have played a pivotal role in reimagining Speedy Romeo’s visual narrative, and we look forward to witnessing the continued success and growth of this iconic Brooklyn establishment.

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