Skincare Brand Moksi’s Gender-Neutral Approach Tells a Powerful Story of Resilience

Skincare, unlike food and beverage, is particularly gendered. We see skincare for teen boys, aging women, and even bearded bros. But, what we rarely see is skincare that’s for all. 

Moksi, however, is a brand that’s challenging the norm. Developed by Lies De Nyn, an entrepreneur who recently overcame breast cancer, the goal was simple: launch a unisex skincare line suitable for those who have undergone and undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments.

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Nyn approached FCKLCK STUDIO to create the product’s branding and packaging system. The name, an uncommon spelling of “moxie,” was a decision inspired by the immediate resonance of the word, and adding a ‘K’ became a pivotal element in the logo design.

The mark combines the modern twist of PP Editorial New Ultralight, a classic serif with a modern flair, with slight modifications to the ‘K’ for enhanced distinctiveness. Adding PP Mori Regular contributes to sophistication and clarity, ensuring that informative text on the packaging remains legible. The typography reflects timeless elegance and modern aesthetics, mirroring the brand’s ethos.

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The color palette chosen for Moksi packaging draws inspiration from natural tones and gradients reminiscent of the dawn sky. This symbolic representation of new beginnings and an optimistic approach to each day is visually compelling, while the gradient tones, derived from the base color of each product, not only distinguish each box on the shelf but also ensure differentiation.

From the brand name to the thoughtfully selected typefaces and color palette, every packaging design element contributes to Moksi’s distinctive identity while still maintaining its gender neutrality. The result is a visual narrative that resonates with authenticity.

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