Human’s Revolutionary Packaging for Gran Maizal Whisky

Human’s packaging design for Gran Maizal encapsulates the essence of a modern whisky with a 5,000-year heritage. A groundbreaking approach is evident in the primary label, where corn leaves are ingeniously employed. The secondary label, crafted from Fibers paper, adds an artisanal touch, enhancing the tactile connection to the product. The incorporation of terracotta vessels, […]

HUMAN’s Whimsical Packaging Design for Malachela Brewery

HUMAN’s packaging design for Malachela Brewery reflects a dedication to capturing the unpretentious charm of beer culture, fostering effortless connections. By introducing a cast of charming characters into the design, the packaging adds a playful touch to the overall ambiance. The Malachela monogram, inspired by the top of a beer can, serves as a subtle […]

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