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Byerlee Design’s Opulent Packaging for High Street Wine Co.

Byerlee Design has created a packaging design for High Street Wine Co. that echoes the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The minimalist yet impactful design incorporates a touch of luxury through generous gold foil accents and clean typography, providing a cohesive and defined look across the entire wine range. High Street Wine Co, a […]

Human’s Revolutionary Packaging for Gran Maizal Whisky

Human’s packaging design for Gran Maizal encapsulates the essence of a modern whisky with a 5,000-year heritage. A groundbreaking approach is evident in the primary label, where corn leaves are ingeniously employed. The secondary label, crafted from Fibers paper, adds an artisanal touch, enhancing the tactile connection to the product. The incorporation of terracotta vessels, […]

Felipe Couto Studio’s Artisanal Packaging Design for Botânica Sertaneja

Felipe Couto Studio’s packaging design for Botânica Sertaneja Labels is a visual ode to the essence of ancestral and artisanal perfumery. Crafted with attention, the labels serve as a gateway to a sensory journey. The design embodies purity, simplicity, and positivity and conveys the brand’s philosophy of addressing complexities with an uncomplicated perspective. Thus, the […]

Lynxeye’s Refined Packaging Design for Tangent GC’s Eau de Parfums

Lynxeye’s packaging design for Tangent GC’s new range of Eau de Parfums embodies a perfect fusion of form and function. The aluminum bottles, chosen for their durability and light-shielding properties, protect the perfumes from harmful light and offer a virtually indestructible and lightweight solution for travelers. The typography, consistent with Tangent GC’s established design system, […]

Ed Bell Design’s Bespoke Packaging for Desi Daru Vodka

Ed Bell Design’s packaging for Desi Daru Vodka blends modern sophistication and Indian heritage, capturing the essence of founders Mohit and Aneet’s dual cultural identity. The bottle design draws inspiration from the domes of Indian temples to craft a distinctive and memorable silhouette. Departing from conventional vodka bottlenecks, the design features a continuous flow up […]

Gilded Grandeur for Signorvino Decennium’s Packaging System

CRSL Carosello Lab’s packaging design for Signorvino Decennium embraces the essence of celebration for the brand’s Tenth anniversary. Named Decennium, the limited edition bottle showcases an iconic and monumental X, the Latin numeral for ten, symbolizing a decade of excellence. The attention to detail is evident in the materials and printing methods. The gold foil, […]

Courtney Wall’s Bauhaus-inspired Packaging for The Play Boxes by Lalo

Courtney Wall’s design for The Play Boxes packaging transforms the educational experience for toddlers into a visually stunning and functional journey. Embracing a minimalist yet playful aesthetic inspired by the Bauhaus design principles, each box within the series of ten is marked by a distinctive shape and color, representing specific age ranges for little ones. […]

Glasfurd & Walker’s Packaging for Park’s Best Dog Collars Elevates Canine Style

Glasfurd & Walker’s packaging design for Park’s Best dog collars is a seamless fusion of fashion and functionality. Crafted in a beautiful rigid box, the packaging reflects the brand’s signature lush green, offering a visually striking and distinctive presentation. Drawing inspiration from timeless textile patterns, Glasfurd & Walker collaborated with Park’s Best to create a […]

31 Packaging Designs That Use Pantone’s Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz

Social media and the interwebs can feel like a never-ending hamster wheel hellbent on newness and what’s next. While the rapid shifting of trends can quickly turn sour, when the novelty involves Pantone’s Color of the Year, I’m willing to jump on the wheel with the rest of my rodent pals.  Last week, Pantone announced Peach […]

Petit Pot’s Perfectly Refreshed Paper Packaging

The French know their desserts.  And while you could book the next flight abroad or even recreate some of the country’s best-known sweets in your own kitchen, Petit Pot gives you a taste of France from the comfort of your home with their adorable pots de crème. While their food philosophy is “dessert first,” the […]

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