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Freia Premium’s Playful Elegance and Taste Differentiation Through Packaging

Dinamo Design’s packaging for Freia Premium stands as a vibrant testament to the rich history of the Norwegian chocolate brand. By reintroducing the iconic marabou stork, originally featured in 1907, as a central figure, the design ties together the brand’s heritage and premium positioning. The brighter and more colorful touch not only makes the premium […]

A Playful and Modern Design for Asda’s Pet Food

Amidst the pet sector, Asda transformed its pet food packaging, introducing the Hero for dogs and Tiger for cats lines. Collaborating with STORMBRANDS, Asda sought to shed stereotypes and capture a new era of pet ‘parenthood’ by embodying the deep connection between humans and their furry companions. STORMBRANDS’ creative approach, featuring striking photography and a […]

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