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TNKR Unveils Vibrant Packaging for Horton’s Ready-to-Drink Coconut Rum Cocktails

TNKR’s packaging design for Horton’s Ready-to-Drink Cocktails visually elevates the coconut rum experience. The bright and energetic design mirrors the lively essence of the cocktails, with each flavor—Diet Kola, Pineapple Soda, and Lime Soda—taking center stage. The 12-can Party Pack becomes a celebration, perfectly aligning with Krista Horton’s vision of hassle-free enjoyment. The packaging captures […]

Chocmeet Unveils Artistic Packaging

Canwei Lai’s packaging design for CHOCMEET highlights a visual representation that skillfully merges the brand’s commitment to providing healthy, natural, and plant-based snacks for the younger generation with a vibrant array of innovative taste experiences. As the trend of “sugar-reduced” chocolate gains popularity, Qiaohe’s chocolate varieties promise consumers a delightful and novel taste journey. The […]

Eneida’s Scotch Whisky Unveils Regal Refinement

Crafted by the talented trio of Yaroslav Shkriblyak, Zorian Sush, and Dmytro Rastvortsev, Eneida’s packaging marries art and spirits. Encased in a glass bottle, the label, in a soothing cream hue, transforms into a canvas for an intricate illustration that embraces a playing card aesthetic. The addition of gold foil elements further heightens the design’s […]

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