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TNKR Unveils Vibrant Packaging for Horton’s Ready-to-Drink Coconut Rum Cocktails

TNKR’s packaging design for Horton’s Ready-to-Drink Cocktails visually elevates the coconut rum experience. The bright and energetic design mirrors the lively essence of the cocktails, with each flavor—Diet Kola, Pineapple Soda, and Lime Soda—taking center stage. The 12-can Party Pack becomes a celebration, perfectly aligning with Krista Horton’s vision of hassle-free enjoyment. The packaging captures […]

Good Twin’s Packaging Turned Into a Vibrant Canvas

Forth + Back brings a burst of energy to Good Twin’s alcohol-removed wines through a visually striking packaging design. The playfully bright colors and simple sans-serif typography capture attention and convey this delightful beverage’s light-hearted and guilt-free nature. Good Twin’s three varieties—Spanish Red, Spanish White, and Spanish Rosé—receive a visually cohesive identity. Forth + Back’s […]

Capturing The Essence Of India’s Vibrant Culture With Lata Rani

Vasudha Bakshi’s packaging design for Lata Rani, an authentic Indian chutney brand, intertwines tradition and modernity. The label design features vibrant hues of deep reds, lush greens, and warm yellows, evoking a sensory journey through the brand’s diverse flavors. The stunning illustration, both rustic and refined, serves as a visual ode to Lata Rani’s commitment […]

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