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Studio Ethur Ethur’s Rebellious Elegance for Dens Clavus Wines

Studio Ethur Ethur’s packaging for Tooth & Nail Wine Co.’s Dens Clavus series blends traditional French label aesthetics with a rebellious twist. The labels feature ornate illustrations of Paso Robles estates but include a subversive touch as each Chateau comes defaced with graffiti spelling out “Dens Clavus,” which also happens to translate to Tooth & […]

Whiny Baby Delivers Gen Z-Inspired Wines

In terms of retail adventures, shopping for wine might rank as one of the most polarizing and intimidating, particularly if you’re a novice. But that’s what led Whiny Baby founder Jess Druey to kickstart her new-to-market wine brand in 2020 for vino newbies. It all started with a first date and a trip to the […]

Evolving the Identity for a New Format of Cold Climate Wines for the Roost Winery

Kingdom and Sparrow’s packaging design for The Roost Winery’s new bottles showcase the Blue Mountains, Canada, where the winery is based. In a region where temperatures can descend to -50 degrees, Roost Winery thrives by cultivating hand-grown and harvested cold-climate varieties. The packaging, designed for outdoor enjoyment, features a hand-painted grape and vine image integrated […]

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