Turner Duckworth’s Crumbl Redesign Is Piping Hot and Fresh Out the Oven

Few desserts are as divisive as Crumbl cookies, but make no mistake, the brand has become a social media darling and one of the fastest-growing treat shops in the US. The $5 buck cookie maverick has amassed over 7 million fans on TikTok and opened more than 800 stores, making it, according to a 2022 report, the 4th quickest growing food chain in the States.

Now, the much-hyped cookie brand has a redesign courtesy of Turner Duckworth fresh out of the oven. Perhaps the most significant transformation is that they have removed the word “cookies” from their beloved pink boxes in addition to the baker mascot. No, it’s not a massive overhaul, but it does push the idea that Crumbl no longer needs to tell you exactly who they are.

Crumbl_Illustration_Hero (1).png

The new logo has also been updated, stretching across the boxes and making it the star of the show. The bespoke typeface, dubbed “Crumbl Sans,” adds a new sense of dynamics to the visual identity, but I suppose that happens when you make everything bigger—and, for a big cookie brand, that checks out. Also, according to the agency, it will help the logo exist in smaller digital environments. In addition to the bold logo evolution, the visual identity gets further augmented with playful illustrations from BUCK.


The brand also leaned into a refined pink, one that they consider “richer” and “warmer,” but in the year of our Barbie lord, it looks like more of the same (and a reminder of the ubiquitous pink SoCal donut box).

Crumbl’s new look has already graced social media and will hit stores in the all-too-near future. 

Crumbl Cookie Photography .png

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