Two Times Elliott Makes Plastic-Free Toothpaste Brand Paist Stand Out by Ignoring Convention

Few products are as universal as toothpaste. 

We all brush our teeth—or at least you should—twice daily, but that ubiquity has created a category chockful of similar packaging designs across different brands. With a few exceptions, toothpaste comes packaged in the same plastic tube that typically peacocks white, blue, and red colors with outer boxes full of claims and feature callouts.


New oral care brand Paist aims to stand out through its natural formulation, free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Paist’s packaging is also plastic-free, as the brand opted for an easy-to-recycle metal tube.


The toothpaste maven enlisted creative agency Two Times Elliott to design a brand identity that bucks the norm in the oral care category while subtly highlighting its unique features, like the plastic-free packaging. Two Time Elliott kept the visual identity simple but refined. The color palette is kept elegant, and the tubes feature a single, soothing color. Sure, white and blue-green are used for Paist’s “Whitening” and “Daily” toothpaste, but for “Sensitive,” Two Times Elliott opted for an unconventional lavender hue. The rest of the packaging design is typography-forward, lacking in the oral care tropes of many callouts touting what percentage of dentists approve.


Ultimately, Paist eschews toothpaste convention, looking more like high-end cosmetics and skin care products than a fancy, delicate mouth-bone cleanser. The metal tube is a throwback to how toothpaste was packaged and a more sustainable option than plastic, even when supposedly recyclable. The departure from the norm is as refreshing a change as a freshly brushed smile.

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