Unveiling the Quirky Elegance of Wine Packaging

In an artful combination of simplicity and playfulness, the packaging of Vinos de Campo unveils a delightful experience. Crafted by Edward Pearson and illustrated by Mariano Ramos of Grafikart the label exudes honesty with a touch of screen-printed lacquer gracing the name and a halftone effect adorning each illustration. The classic sans-serif typography balances the illustrations, offering a whimsical and fun portrayal. Against the canvas of a creamy label, this design is a testament to the art of blending simplicity with a quirky, elegant charm.

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A tribute to two of the most characteristic sounds in the countryside. The Bark of a Dog and The Crowing of a Cock, both sounds announce something. 

These wines enter a new category called “Vinos de Campo” (Countryside Wines), the “Tinto de Campo” (Red) is called “Ladro Q’ Perra”, translated as Bark that Dogs and the “Blanco de Campo” (White) is called “Canto Q’ Galla”, Crow that Cocks. The naming stems from a more creative approach to both situations, thus more brand recall. 

Both wines are the result of honest winemaking, with exactly what the vineyard delivers each year. 

The label is equally honest, making it as simple as possible, with a touch of screen printed lacquer on the name and the halftone effect on each illustration. Created and designed in grafikart.cl by Edward Pearson, illustrations by Mariano Ramos.

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