What It Takes

What It Takes : As OSS adoption grows, the need for multi-skilled engineers becomes important to sustain this trend. Driven by this need, enterprises today are seeking ways to cope up with their business objectives. Needless to say, the demand for open source professionals has increased manifold in the past few years.

As per the recent survey, almost a huge chunk of employers are planning to hire open source experts in the next few months. The survey also indicates that open source talent is not easy to find. So, what goes into the making of an expert? This article will illustrate various ways by which you can seek answers to this question.

If you wish to become a professional, there are three major things that will help you in this endeavor-curiosity, commitment and contribution to community. To become an expert, the first thing you need to have is to be curious and committed. Given the wide acceptance of the open source paradigm. You need to be self-motivated to comprehend issues and provide solutions that are accepted by the community. Moreover you should be motivated to work on OSS projects and contribute code freely to the community. Therefore, it is quite important to contribute to OSS project and participate in conferences, camps and community.

Open source projects are often a collaborative effort. The work is often reviewed and critiqued by experts from the community. And companies often look for employees who are comfortable with that.

Hands-on knowledge

It is critical that professionals become experts in a few areas. Technology evolves rapidly, so it is important that experts learn and apply common design and architecture concepts from one to another and continue to be deeply hands-on.

Try your hands on different high-scale projects

If you are committed to becoming a professional, there is nothing better than kick-starting your career with a start-up company. It is really exciting to try your hands on different high-scale projects and get yourself involved in various activities in the arena. Of course, one should have the expertise and liberty to experiment and innovate with novel stuff. Moreover, you should make a conscious effort to be self-driven and have a passion to create something for the betterment of the community.

OSS adoption in the Indian market is gaining its momentum and it is a good time to hone your skills and get hired. So, this may be the best time to build up on your skills and get a leg-up in your career.