White Claw Releases Seltzer…Er, Non-Alcoholic Seltzer

We must have known that someday, what with all the kids getting into the sober-curious movement, someone would have the chutzpah to release a 0% alcohol hard seltzer—you know, regular old, plain-Jane seltzer.

As it turns out, that certain someone is White Claw.

Announced today, White Claw will release a non-alcoholic hard seltzer promising the “elusive and satisfying complexity of a real drink.” The premium beverage line will launch with four flavors—Black Cherry Cranberry, Mango Passion Fruit, Peach Orange Blossom, and Seltzer Lime Yuzu. Additionally, the non-boozey Claws will hit stores on January 1st, 2024, marking the end of 2023’s final hangover and a brand new season of Dry January.

Of course, you could also buy a Polar, Liquid Death, or—shudder—La Croix. But you do you, consumer!


So how did they do it? According to White Claw, after years of R&D, they landed on a process that still gives the new beverage a similar depth of flavor as an alcoholic drink. Using a proprietary plant-based sweetener, the brand claims to have mimicked the same White Claw you know and love, just without the hooch.

“The industry is ripe for disruption as demand for flavorful, non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise. But current options like excessively sweet mocktails, bland waters, and near-beers are disconnected from what today’s adult drinkers want. White Claw 0% Alcohol paves the way for an entirely new adult beverage,” said Phil Rosse, president of Mark Anthony Brands Inc., in a press release. “Our newest breakthrough completely reimagines the idea of drinking by delivering the first ever elevated non-alcoholic choice with the complex taste and feel of a real drink that only White Claw can deliver.” 

You can’t necessarily blame White Claw for pulling this kind of stunt. Last year, according to drinks market analyst IWSR, the non-alcoholic market surpassed an $11 billion valuation on the heels of a 7% increase. Additionally, the brand’s own survey found that 64% of consumers wanted better non-boozy options from brands they recognize that were low in sugar (no word yet on if those surveyed were White Claw employees held at gunpoint).


“White Claw 0% Alcohol is made non-alcoholic from the start, so it’s not a lesser version of anything—it’s more. The result is a bold, refreshing choice that tastes like no other adult drink available,” added Rosse in the same press release. “White Claw 0% Alcohol is a drink for all drinkers that empowers you to say ‘yes’ to more adult drinking occasions. We’re proud to continue to bring new news and meaningful innovations that make a difference in people’s lives.”  

White Claw’s design for the new drinks strips away the category’s white palette, opting for an electric-looking navy blue. Of course, the White Claw logo makes an appearance—now in shiny gold—and flavors get highlighted by their naturally corresponding colors on the tops and bottoms of the cans. And, just so you don’t forget, the cans are clearly marked with “0%,” so there’s no mistaking it for the real thing.

So, will White Claw win over skeptics with an un-hard seltzer? Hard to say, but we’re betting plenty of folks will have plenty to say on social media today.

Images courtesy of White Claw.

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